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Speakers Coach R&G


Jack Strickland driving the Speakers coach at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth I I , Tuesday 2nd June 1953 with his horses Royal and Sovereign.

Charlie Gibbons and Charlie Roucco were footmen

Below :
Horses to draw Speaker's Coach in the Coronation procession 1937.

Captain Fitzroy has chosen the same two horses to draw his coach in the Coronation procession.
As he had for the Jubilee, they are a pair of bay geldings " Vigour and Ure "
and they will be driven by Mr Walter Hart a sixty - two year old coachman

Walter Hart 1937
Walter 1937

Above and Right

Walter Hart 62 was the driver of the Speakers Coach at the Coronation of King George VI on 12th May 1937.
Pictured with his horses Vigour and Ure in the Whitbread brewery north yard Chiswell Street


He also drove the Speakers Coach at the Jubilee of King George V on Monday 6th May 1935 with the same pair of horses Vigour and Ure.

 Walter Hart driving out of the north yard Chiswell Street
on deliveries with horses Vigour and Ure. 1935

Walter Hart 1935
Walter in CS