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History of the Whitbread Shires

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Horses housed at Chiswell Street and Garrett Street stables

1750 Stables rented in Grub Street now Milton Street for 60 horses
1758 Stables erected in North yard
1774 Stables erected in South yard
1799 Horses were delivering to 392 licensed victuallers in London.
1802 60 horses

1839 Whitbread Shires pull the Speakers Coach at the Coronation
  for the first time
1868 New stable opened in south yard
1880 111 Horses
1897 Garrett Street stable opened. Built to take the overflow from Chiswell Street
  stables. Built on 3 floors linked with sloping ramps. 13 horses on ground
  floor, 36 on first floor, over 50 on top floor

1900 Regulations introduced to make reins compulsory by law. Previously
  carters controlled their horses by whip and voice.

1904 400 horses
1906 The heavy cart horses at Weston Street depot used for delivering bottled
  beer were replaced by trotters.
1908 378 horses
1909 368 horses and first lorry was purchased at Newport
on the Isle of Wight.
1910 362 horses
1911 364 horses
1912 374 horses
1913 371 horses

During the first World War 118 of the best horses were commandeered by the Government. None ever returned

1914 366 horses
1915 304 horses
1916 338 horss
1917 294 horses
1918 227 horses
1919 244 horses
1920 The first mechanically propelled vehicle was
  purchased at Chiswell Street Brewery
1920 Chiswell Street stables closed
1923 The first petrol lorry was introduced at the Chiswell Street brewery
1925 141 horses at Chiswell Street and Garrett Street stables.
1925 The colours of the drays and lorries were changed from green
  and white to the present brown and gold.

Sign outside Garrett Street stable between the first and second floors

Standing stall

  John Sparks with Saturn in one of the new standing
  stalls used for plaiting and washing the horses

1st Floor 84

  Above and left  ( First floor stable )
  There were twelve loose boxes.
  Plus eight stalls to put horses in to washout,
  groom, plait or while you mucked their boxes out.