Autumn color type and its palette: what suits in clothes, makeup, hair shades?

The color type Autumn, like Spring, is warm. This means that girls of these color types have a golden skin tone. How can I check this? For example, take a look at your wrist veins: if they appear blue, then the skin tone is pink, cold. When the wreaths look green, it means that you have a warm yellowish skin tone. So you are Spring or Autumn! For further info, click here: fall hair colors

Color type Autumn: what is it

In addition, in addition to the golden skin tone, the autumn color type has other distinctive features. Typically, the exterior has a warm golden or coppery color.

Usually the eyes of girls with the Autumn color type are light or dark brown. Possibly golden or greenish. Hair color also has a warm shade, usually reddish or chestnut.

In addition, such celebrities as the actress Jessica Chastain, the singer Hillary Duff, the actress Julianne Moore, and the model Gisele B√ľndchen are usually referred to the Autumn color type. By the way, see the gallery above for even more photos of this color type!

Soft, warm and dark Autumn

By the way, the Autumn color type also, in turn, has several subtypes. Let's say it can be "soft Autumn", with its muted shades a bit reminiscent of the summer color type.

Warm Autumn is characterized by coppery hair and freckled skin.

As a rule, representatives of "dark Autumn" are brunettes and dark brown-haired women with golden tan. You can understand this in more detail by reading about all color types .

Autumn color type: what makeup to choose

Of course, if we are dealing with a warm skin tone, then foundation, powder and concealer should also be selected with a golden tint. Face-warming bronzers and peach blush are your helpers for sculpting and draping.

As for the design of the eyes, brown, beige or golden shades are suitable for every day. If this is an evening out, you can, on the contrary, play in contrast and choose from a blue-green palette. Lips can be nude or beige, brown or classic red.

What hair color to choose for the color type Autumn

Without a doubt, the Autumn color type is best combined with a warm shade of hair. For example, if you want to lighten, try to choose more golden and natural shades.

Nevertheless, if you want to radically lighten your hair and give it a cool shade, you should not limit yourself. You just need a brighter and more thorough makeup.

However, lightening with color stretch and dark roots will be less risky . This will avoid a sharp dissonance between shades of hair, skin and eyebrows.

Of course, the "autumn" girls are very saturated with dark shades of hair with warm golden and copper shades. For example, you can achieve a similar effect using the techniques of shatush , Venetian highlighting or coloring .

Without a doubt, shades of red are also the Autumn color type. By the way, dyeing it red is not so difficult. For example, you can even do this with natural dyes such as henna or cinnamon .

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